The Effects

What Is The Process Like?

The one-hour treatment takes place in two main stages:

1. Muscle Stretching
2. Intra-oral Massage

Combining these two processes allows for facial rejuvenation and emotional release of the muscles.

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No Show & Cancellation Policy
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Late and Appointment Change Policy
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How Many Sessions Can One Do?

There is a maximum of 10 sessions for results. Then once a month or once every couple of months for maintenance. however it's not necessary for 10, there is also the option for only 2-5 sessions depending on the individual. It is recommended that you talk with your practitioner about a plan that works for you!

What Age Group Is Recommended?


How Often?
It is recommended once a month.

What Age Is Considered Prevention?
For prevention, the age group is around 33, 35, and 40.

By stretching the muscle fiber (which stimulates the osteoplasts), it prevents aging too quickly. There is an aging of the skin and muscles, but there is also aging of the bone.

The massage acts on the circulatory level, preventing the wrinkle from deepening too quickly. Behind the scenes, the circulation and cell synthesis are revived.

The plumping effect is also stunning on the nasolabial fold, perioral wrinkles, and on the lip itself.

Skin Radiance
The radiance increases, the skin becomes firmer, the "puffy" effect decreases. When the lymphatic network is fluidized, the eye contour is also less marked. Exiting swollen eyes and puffiness.

Undo Tension
This massage technique also makes it possible to go deeper at the level of the masseter to loosen all this area of ​​tension, particularly damaged in the most stressed people. The stress creates a blockage at the level of the neck and trapezius before staying in this area. Through the massage, the muscle fibers unlock the energy nodes, with a real impact on relaxation and rejuvenation. Facial and emotional tensions are therefore loosened.

$300 (60 Minutes)

Sworn by Kate Moss & Meghan Markle. It is an innovative approach that provides an immediate and non-invasive anti-aging response, ideal for those who do not want to resort to injections of Hyaluronic acid and Botox. It consists of reshaping the face from the inside.

Sculptural Face Lift

The Sculptural Face Lift is performed in a comfortable, clean, and welcoming private service room

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