Savannah Nail Bar

A Southern Beauty Lounge

The Heartbeat of the Salon - Our Team

Our SNB team is comprised of friendly, talented, professional, experienced, driven, and customer service-based Service Providers.  They are the best of the best!  Below are our beloved valuable Team Members listed with their level and the services they provide.  The unique personalities, techniques, and skill sets of these technicians are what make Savannah Nail Bar so special!!

Every Service Provider of Savannah Nail Bar works on a Performance Based Level System.  SNB’s level system allows us to (1) create a performance scale to ensure our clients receive the best and most consistent service possible, (2) recognize excellence and provide opportunities for growth for our Team Members, and (3) offer options for our clients to meet their diverse needs and requests.  Clients may choose the Nail Technician/Level that compliments their needs and budget.  For our more specialized services, you will notice a slight price difference depending on the level of the Team Member providing the service.

Each Level is based on many factors including services offered, skill set, product knowledge, service timing, industry and SNB experience and continuing education.  All Team Members complete Savannah Nail Bar’s New Teammate Training on salon service protocol, sanitation and cleanliness requirements, product knowledge, salon operations, and how to deliver the expected level of SNB customer service.  To further enrich the SNB culture, we strive to recognize excellence and encourage growth.

Level Descriptions
Level 1 Providers are wonderful!  They are the newest members with SNB and come to us with knowledge and industry experience.  They have completed Savannah Nail Bar's New Teammate Training (see above for details) and provide beautiful, budget-friendly services. 

Level 2 Providers are competent in performing detailed nail care services in a timely manner with the SNB level of "Southern Charm" customer service.  You will find these service providers have been with our team for more than 1 year.  They have furthered their education and skill set and perform enhancement nail care services as well as natural nail care services. They work diligently to set themselves apart from others in the industry.