Manicure  $16

 File, shape fingernails, remove cuticle, massage, polish 

Savannah Manicure  $28

Mani with the addition of paraffin wax, conditioning masque, hot towel & extended massage

Shellac Manicure  $30 - $32
Use CND Shellac gel polish to provide a beautiful & long-lasting manicure

Mini Mani  $14

Pedicure  $30 - $32  (45-50 Minutes)

File, shape toenails, remove cuticle, foot and leg exfoliation, massage, hot towel, polish

Hot Oil Pedicure (NEW!) $38 - $40 (60 Min)

A relaxing pedicure made to hydrate dry feet and toe nails.  File, shape toenails, remove cuticle, foot and leg exfoliation, hot oil foot soak for hydration, hot oil massage, hot towel, polish

Baby Foot Pedicure with Peel (NEW!) $63 - $65 (60 Min)

Have troublesome callused feet?  This pedi is for you. We do the prep work for the at home Baby Foot Peel.

File, shape toenails, remove cuticle, callus work, foot and leg exfoliation, massage, hot towel, polish. Comes with the Baby Foot Peel to take home.

Milk & Honey Pedicure  $38 - $40 (55 Min)
Milk & Honey is a perfect combination for clean, hydrated, and glowing skin!  Includes a Butter wash, scrub, skin polisher, and blend.  A luxuriously moisturizing pedi!

Marine Pedicure  $42 - $44  (55 Minutes)
A cooling and rejuvenating ped.  Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.  Includes Marine mineral bath, salt scrub, cooling masque and hydrating oil.

Savannah Pedicure  $44 - $46   (70-75 Minutes)

Perfect for dry Florida feet!  Pedicure with the addition of  callus treatment, moisturizing paraffin wax, conditioning masque, hot towels & extended massage

Detox Pedicure  $48 - $50  (70-75 Minutes)

Experience the vast benefits of the ocean with the Seasource Detox Pedicure.  The product line is vegan certified, gluten free & pure.  Pedicure with the addition of Detox foot soak, scrub, masque, oil massage, hot towels & extended lotion massage.  Includes a Detox tea for sipping

Mini Pedicure  $22 - $24  (30 Minutes)

On the go?!  This service includes all the foot work & eliminates the massage & exfoliation

Shellac Pedicure  $44 - $46  (60 Minutes)
Use CND Shellac gel polish to provide a beautiful & long-lasting pedicure

UR PEDICURE  $36 - $38 (60 Minutes)
A pedicure with a cause – Women Helping Women!  Full pedicure that includes a warm foot soak using a U.R. bath bomb that releases nice aromatics as well as skin-conditioning salts and oils. Also includes the U.R. hydrating exfoliating scrub and extended massage. 

*Ask for details on the amazing cause these products support!


Acrylic Overlay (Liquid and Powder)  $35 - $38
Creates beautiful, durable, long-lasting nail enhancements.  Applied on the natural nail as a protective overlay
Acrylic Full Set with Tips  $38 - $42
Acrylic full set with added length
Acrylic  Rebalance (Fill)  $28 - $30

     Overdue Rebalance (over 3 weeks)  $35 - $40

Pink and White Overlay  $52 - $56
Pink powder applied to the base of the nail & white  powder applied to the free edge
Pink and White Full Set with Tips  $55 - $60

Pink and White full set with added length
Pink and White Rebalance (Fill)  $40 - $44

Nexgen Overlay   $38 - $40
Creates beautiful & strong nails using the 

"dip it" method
Nexgen Full Set with Tips  $43 - $44

Nexgen full set with added length

Hard Gel Overlay  $52 - $56       
Uses a gel system to create beautiful, long-lasting nail 
enhancements. Applied to the natural nail
Hard Gel Full Set with Tips  $55 - $60   

Gel full set with added length
Gel Rebalance (Fill)  $40 - $44    

Shellac Soak Off  $5
Nexgen Soak Off  $8
Acrylic Enhancement Removal  $12 - $14

Polish Change
     Hands  $10  With Cut & File $12    

     Feet  $12  With Cut & File $14

Children's Manicure (10 years and younger)  $12
Children's Pedicure  $22
Children's Manicure & Pedicure  $32

Price Variations

You will find price levels for our more specialized services.  Prices are based on the level of the service provider.  Please see our page "Our Team / Levels" for a detailed description of our level system.

Nail Care With Southern Charm

Savannah Nail Bar

Nails  - Natural & Enhancement Services  

Nail Care Services

Our Policy.

We take great pride in using quality products to perform nail care services.  In order to maintain the integrity of your nail care service, SNB uses only the best and most reputable products in the nail salon industry.  Savannah Nail Bar has many retail items available.  We offer after-care products to help maintain lasting beauty and healthy nails.
**Clients must notify SNB of enhancement breakdowns within 48 hours of original appointment.  In the event there is a service breakdown within this time frame, SNB will provide a repair to the enhancement at no cost.  No refunds will be provided on services rendered. 

A Southern Beauty Lounge

Manicure & Pedicure Additions:
French Tip  $6
Callus Treatment  $8
Callus Eliminator applied directly to callus and smoothed

with foot file 
Paraffin Treatment  Hands  $10  Feet  $12
A warm wax dip that relaxes muscles & locks in moisture
Cucumber Heel Therapy  $3
An intensive moisturizing complex that aids in the repair 
of dry, cracked heels    
Nail Art  $2 & Up Per Nail