Savannah Nail Bar

A Southern Beauty Lounge

Mama's Massage
A nurturing full body massage catering to expecting mothers-to-be.
Designed to soothe the strain of pregnancy.
$45 (30 Minutes)   $85 (60 Minutes)   $125 (90 Minutes)

Foot & Leg Massage (NEW)
A foot soak, warm neck wrap and a 30 minute massage
focused on the feet and lower legs.
$45 (45 Minute Service)

Neck & Shoulder Massage (NEW)
A 10 minute chair massage focusing on the neck and shoulders.  Wonderful addition while your nails dry or during any manicure service.
$12 (10 Minutes)

4 Hands Are Better Than 2 Facial & Massage
Enjoy a full body Savannah Massage with our licensed Massage Therapist while our Esthetician performs a facial of your choice with the option to include Microdermabrasion.  The ultimate mind, body, and face experience!
$200 90 Min

Deep Tissue Massage
A therapeutic massage utilizing specific strokes customized to your body's needs.  Uses a combination of trigger point therapy, sports massage, myofascial release, and  other unique modalities

to relieve stress, strain, and inflammation.
$55 (30 Minutes)   $95 (60 Minutes)   $135 (90 Minutes)

Savannah Massage
This stress relieving massage utilizes long, fluid strokes to ease tension,

increase circulation, and induce deep relaxation.
The Savannah Massage is designed to unwind.
$45 (30 Minutes)   $85 (60 Minutes)   $125 (90 Minutes)

Aromatherapy Enjoy the vast health benefits of aromatherapy
throughout your massage.  $10

 In our Massage Bar, the service time is the full "time on the table"

Massage Services