​​Savannah Nail Bar & Spa

Our advertised price is the SNB Cash Discount Price.
All purchases on a credit/debit card will not receive the Cash Discount Price and an adjustment of 3.5% will be displayed on your receipt.

No Show & Cancellation Policy
Your appointment is very important to the SNB team and time is valuable. When an appointment is scheduled, we reserve time for you and cannot accept other clients, therefore, SNB reserves the right to charge 50% of scheduled services in the event a client “No Shows” or cancels their appointment within 4 hours of their appointment time.  We appreciate your understanding and consideration for our Service Providers!
Late and Appointment Change Policy
Time is valuable and when an appointment is booked, we reserve time just for you. When a late arrival prevents us from performing the full scheduled appointment, we will adjust the service to accommodate the appointment in the time remaining to the best of our abilities and will charge for the lesser-priced service.  A “Consideration Fee” will be charged to account for the total reserved time of the service provider.  When a client changes their service without a 4-hour notice, the Consideration Fee will be charged to account for the total amount of time reserved for the Service Provider.

​​Our Mission

SNB was established in April of 2012 with a vision to create a unique salon for clients to enjoy. 

Our mission is to give clients a clean, comfortable, and competitively priced salon where excellent customer service is paramount. SNB uses only the highest quality product lines to ensure the best results for your services!  We invite you to experience our charm as you enjoy Nail, Hair, Waxing, Facial, and Makeup services in our Beauty Lounge. 

We look forward to your visit! 
- Kelly
Owner, Savannah Nail Bar

​​​Sparkling & Spotless​
  Savannah Nail Bar may look different than what you are used to because our top priority is your safety; that's why we use Pedicure Sinks. 

These sinks do not use jets and with one-time use pedicure liners, each client receives the cleanest treatment possible. 

We are diligent about cleaning and disinfecting all of the tools and surfaces. You can rest assured knowing we work hard to completely sanitize everything.

The Heartbeat of The Salon & Spa -- Our Team

Our SNB team is comprised of friendly, talented, professional, experienced, driven, and customer service-based service providers.  They are the best of the best!  The unique personalities, techniques, and skill sets are what makes Savannah Nail Bar so special!!
Every Service Provider of the SNB team works on a Performance-Based Level System. 

Our level system allows us to:

  1. Create a performance scale to ensure our clients receive the best and most consistent service possible.
  2.  Recognize excellence and provide opportunities for growth for our team members.
  3. Offer options for our clients to meet their diverse needs and requests. 

Clients may choose the Nail Technician/Level that compliments their needs and budget.  For our more specialized services, you will notice a slight price difference depending on the level of the Team Member providing the service.

Each Level is based on many factors including services offered, skillset, product knowledge, service timing, industry, SNB experience, and continuing education. 

All Team Members complete Savannah Nail Bar’s New Teammate Training on salon service protocol, sanitation and cleanliness requirements, product knowledge, salon operations, and how to deliver the expected level of SNB customer service.  To further enrich the SNB culture, we strive to recognize excellence and encourage growth.

Level Descriptions

Level 1 providers are wonderful!  They are the newest members of SNB and come to us with knowledge and industry experience.  They have completed Savannah Nail Bar's New Teammate Training (see above for details) and provide beautiful, budget-friendly services. 

Level 2 providers are competent in performing detailed nail care services in a timely manner with the SNB level of "Southern Charm" customer service.  You will find these service providers have been with our team for a substantial amount of time.  They have furthered their education, skill set, and perform enhancement nail care services as well as natural nail care services.
They work diligently to set themselves apart from others in the industry.

Level 3 providers are leaders within the salon.  Our most experienced and in-demand Nail Care Service Providers due to their wealth of salon and nail care knowledge.  They perform top-notch services in a timely manner and provide the most helpful and best customer service.  They are known for their attention to detail in their work and have reached rigorous goals and exceeded our education and skill set requirements.  These providers have consistently been amongst our top producers for a considerable amount of time.  They guide our entire team and embody the principles SNB was built upon.